Ex-offenders should be allowed to hide criminal record in job interviews, suggests report


Ex-offenders should be allowed to hide their criminal records in job interviews, a report due to be published later this week suggests.

Labour MP was asked by to investigate how black, Asian and minority ethnic people are treated by the criminal justice system.

The report recommends former prisoners who have reformed should be given the opportunity to apply to a judge or parole board to have their records hidden from employers to increase their chances of employment, .

Such a decision would depend on evidence of rehabilitation and time elapsed since the offence.

The record would still exist, but former criminals would not need to disclose it and employers would be unable to ask for it.

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A source familiar with Mr Lammy’s findings told the paper: “Our criminal records regime is trapping offenders in their past.

“David wants fundamental change. There is clear evidence that reform of criminal records takes ex-offenders off welfare and into work.

“This approach wouldn’t see records ‘wiped’ but would give ex-offenders who prove they have turned their lives around every chance of a fresh start.”

The review reportedly has the backing of the Ministry of Justice. It is due to be published on Friday.


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