Belgian military pilot falls hundreds of metres from helicopter during air show as horrified crowd looks o


A Belgian military pilot fell from his helicopter during an airshow in front of a crowd of horrified onlookers.

Three soldiers in the helicopter jumped using parachutes as part of the demonstration but the pilot and co-pilot were not equipped with them, according to Belgian media reports.

Those involved in the incident said the co-pilot had helped the three paratroopers jump but then noticed the pilot’s seat was empty and his door wide open. He was able to land the Agusta A-109 helicopter safely and raise the alarm about his colleague. 

A search is underway for the man, who is believed to have fallen several hundred metres.

The incident took place during an air show at Amay, near the city of Liege, on Sunday. The helicopter was being used to demonstrate parachuting to the public as part of the military show. 

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Soldiers, police and firefighters are now searching an area of woodland near to the location of the airshow in the hope of recovering the pilot’s body.

The cause of the accident remains unclear. An investigation is underway.


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